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4 Ways to avoid always wearing the same clothes

Monday, 9 November 2015

Hi Ladies,

Today I´m going to share my tips for mixing and matching, as well as some great advice for your wardrobe.

- Organize: Plan what you are going to wear in advance.
Organize your wardrobe according to both type of clothing and color.
This will help you visually pick out what you are going to wear.

- Tidy: Make sure you have all you clothes ironed and hung/folded in your wardrobe. This means you don´t have to worry about prepping the clothes are picking.

- Hanger Rotation: Hang whatever you wore today (if it´s clean!) at the opposite end of the closet and keep doing that every day.
You are less likely to wear the same outfit twice. You should also be able to see what´s clean straight away.

- Accessories: Different accessories will instantly bring a new look to your outfit. A waist belt can change the proportions of a voluminous top entirely, while a necklace or a shiny little handbag adds an instant refresh.

Hopefully you found these little tips helpful :)

Do you have any tips you´d like to share? Reply in the comments below!

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