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Friday, 6 June 2014

I am now in the process of buying an apartment here in Dublin, one of the most stressful time of my life, but we will talk about it another day.

I am really excited about the painting, buying new furniture, the decoration itself and I would like to share my findings. 

Zara home.
Bed linen15.99 € - 79.99 € 
Bedspread and Cushion cover: 35.99 € - 149.00 € 

Bed linen set: 15.99 € - 59.99 € 
Bedspread and Cushion cover: 22.99 € - 99.99 € 


I am thinking about using wallpaper in the living room or in the bedroom. These beige colors are my favorite:

ZARA Home: 35.99 EUR


Bricks Natural Wallpaper Sample: 21.00 EUR.


Living room 

I would like to decorate my living room with grey pastel colors. Here are some ideas I have in mind:

IKEA: 185 EUR 


In my case a sofa bed it is a must! As I am abroad I will have always family and friends visiting me and it is really handy to have an extra bed.

SOFA BED: from 599 EUR. 



I love this glass set, it is a perfect mix between vintage and modern. 
ZARAHOME 2.50 € - 3.99 €

ZARAHOME 1.99 € - 3.99 € 

And to end this post, I would recommend you to try this amazing lavender freshener. Lovely!!

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