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What is in my make up bag ?

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Victoria Secret bag | It is the perfect size for all my essentials. I got it in Brussels airport and I have carried it with me ever since.

Revlon | This is the best drugstore highlight - it gives you that beautiful glow that makes up for the terrible summers you get in Ireland.

YVS Mascara | Must-have to give you a massive volume boost.

Chanel |
This lipstick is a Chanel staple. The shade of red is very vibrant. If you don't have any Chanel products - this should be your first purchase.

Revlon | Beautiful metallic gold eye-shadow for helping you sparkle on late summer evenings.

Real Techniques | This brush is from their Bold Metals Collection. It is a premium brush designed for flawless contouring.

Mac | This is a smooth-finishing, natural-look powder. I use this powder exclusively and wouldn't dream of ever trying another powder.

Bonjour | I stumbled across this gem a long, long time ago and never looked back. It is so easy to use that you could do it with your eyes closed ;)

Yvs Kiss and Blush | An essential for any of you jet-setters out there. This can be used for both your cheeks and lips and leaves you with lovely summer glow. Absolutely worth the cost - I´m planning to purchase it again.

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