DYI Ripped jeans

Thursday, 17 July 2014

For a long time i have wanted a pair of ripped jeans but the ones I really like it, were crazy expensive and I wasn't willing to pay a fortune for a pair of "broken" jeans. So I decided to do it myself. They are so easy to make and you just need a couple of things.

First of all, I chose a pair of jeans that I was not going to miss if I screw up. I personally prefer, tight and skinny jeans than the boyfriend style. Chose whatever looks better on you.

Then look for some scissors and tweezers. 

After trying on your jeans to make sure where you want the hole to be. Take your scissors and start cutting the area marked where you want your rips to be. 

Then when you see the white horizontal threads the denim’s surface, take your tweezer and start pulling away  vertical threads

Keep ripping until you have reached the desired look ;)

C'est fini 

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2 Responses to “DYI Ripped jeans”

  1. So cool! I must try :)


  2. Thank you Mira. I would love seeing yours ;)


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