Don't be sad !!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Hello ladies, I know you are getting a little upset because the summer is nearly over, but we have to keep it positive. Here I give you 7 reasons why to be happy.

1. No more diet! You can eat as much ice-cream as you want. You are not going to be wearing any bikini in the next 9 months ;) 

2. No need to wax or shave everyday. Hahaha!

3. Yours favorites series and Tv-shows start again. Yay!

4. Another excuse to go Shopping!!!! New scarves, coat, hats, sweater, boots. 

5. It is time to get super COZY ! Couch, blanket, puffy socks, and tea/hot chocolate. 

6.Winter sales! 

7.Xmas holidays.

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