Essie for autumn

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Essie is one of the most famous nails polish brands now a days. It is everywhere, magazines, youtube videos, shops, blogs.

Why the name Essie? Essie is the name of the founder of the brand, Essie Weingarten, who has managed to be crowned as the guru in the world of nail polish collections thanks to the amazing color of her nails polish. For more than 30 years essie has been an industry icon!

Between 311 colors, here are my favorites for this autumn. Which is your favorite? ;)

Urban jungle 8.50 USD

Sand Tropez 8.50 USD

Chinchilly 8.50 USD
Fierce, no fear 8.50 USD
Mink muffs 8.50 USD

Little brown dress 8.50 USD

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